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Origin EON17-X Laptop

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Origin EON17-X Laptop
There are people who look for different features in gadgets. Some look at design while others look more closely at the specs. For the latter, always having the best in terms of specs is the only way to go. For those looking for laptops of such kind, nothing so far can beat this monster of a laptop in the Origin EON17-X.

The Origin EON17-X Laptop is not just any ordinary laptop. It is not even comparable to the more popular ones out there in terms of specs. It is a gamer's dream of a laptop in terms of the hardware it comes with.

Just consider having a laptop that comes with an Intel Core 3.9GHz Quad Core CPU, a dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M graphic cards, 32GB 1333Mhz Corsair quad channel memory, and up to 3 hard drives worth a total of 3TB of storage. Now that is a monster of a laptop. It comes with a 17 inch screen and weighs a heavy 12 pounds, considering the hardware that it carries inside. But specs-wise, the Origin EON17-X may just be one of those ridiculous laptops that make sense to only the most serious of gamers around. It is available at Origin PC at a starting price of US$3,159.

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